Dependency Injection For SpecFlow With Unity 4

Paul Hatcher
Posted in Testing, Integration
One of my current projects is using SpecFlow for testing some complex security logic; there are lots of scenarios so the BDD style of testing is well suited to the problem. I wanted to use the same style of testing for some integration testing where the client is talking to my API but hit a problem of how/where to construct the container as even the client library uses dependency injection to construct itself.

CsvReader now on GitHub

Paul Hatcher
Posted in Integration
A number of years ago Sebasiten Lorion wrote a very good CSV parser for .NET with the code and an accompanying article on Code Project - A Fast CSV Reader. I’d used this in a number of projects but recently I needed to make some changes to the code for my trading system project, and there wasn’t a public repository available; there’s a version on NuGet but it doesn’t point back to the source.