Wikiexport 0.3

Just pushed a new version of WikiExport with a couple of useful features

  • Change titleFormat to have explicit {project}/{title} macros
  • Support for .attachments in non-root folder - provided by @ricfre

The first is just a simplification since it’s more intentional to use named values rather than {0} etc, and we can also automatically determine projectInTitle from the titleFormat.

The second one allows support for code wikis and the image path not being in the root of the repository e.g. the repository may look a bit like this…


For this to work as a wiki, the image references need to be like this /wiki/.attachments/cat.png

It is possible to have the .attachements folder in

  • Root of repostory
  • Root of code wiki
  • Any sub-folder of the code wiki folder

and the tool should still convert the image references correctly on export.

There are also some fixes to use the slash path delimiter (/) in all cases as some markdown processors get confused if you use backslash (\).