Decided to take the plunge on Windows 7, as a test I've installed in on my wife's netbook (Samsung NC20) and if anything it's more responsive than under Windows XP.

Next decision is whether to go the whole hog and install the 64-bit version; the machine is fairly new, a Dell Precision 690, and I like the idea of having >4Gb of RAM for some of the projects I'm working on when I might have three copies of VS 2008 open at the same time.

I'll let you know how I got on.


Comment by Rapid Share

I'm running Win7 on a EEE 1000H with 2gig of RAM. Installation was like butter. Runs great. A tiny bit laggy and sluggish but more annoyance than actual problem (I mean really, were we expecting it to scream on a netbook? I think not). The only two problems I've actually had were the wireless issue (which simply required installing the Ralink drivers from their site) and the fact the FN & user defined keys do not work. Again though, more annoyance than actual problem. Gadgets will be fun to play with but with so little screen space it's a little tough. IMO, huge, huge improvement over XP and Vista.